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Sheriff Sales

VIEWING DATE/TIME: Thursday, March 20, 2014 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

                                     Friday, March 21, 2014 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

                                     Saturday, March 22, 2014 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

PLACE: Pine Bluff Convention Center located at 1 Convention Center Plaza, Pine Bluff, AR  

AUCTION DATE/TIME: Saturday, March 22, 2014 9:00 a.m. til the last gun sales

PLACE:  Pine Bluff Convention Center located at 1 Convention Center Plaza, Pine Bluff, AR

AUCTIONEER: Tracy Robinson Auctioneer, License Number 1540 

GENERAL TERMS:   The South Central Arkansas Law Enforcement Society Gun Club with host a public gun auction for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Tri-County Drug Task Force.  Neither of the aforementioned parties discriminate based on race, religion, creed, color or national origin.  Participation is encouraged by all persons.  However, the purchaser must be at least 21 years of age and present identification prior to any bid entry or sale.  We reserve the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids.  All transactions will be completed in cash unless prior arrangements have been made.  All items are sold “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” (No Warranty).  8% BUYER’S PREMIUM FOR EACH GUN PURCHASED. 

A background check will apply to purchasers, as required by the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).  The cost for initial check (1st gun purchase) will be $18.00 and a $10.00 charge for each additional gun purchased.  Please bring your Concealed Carry Card and/or a copy of your FFL to help expedite the process. Neither the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office nor Tracy Robinson Auctioneers will be responsible for any “sold” items after close of auction.

GENERAL INFORMATION: This auction is for sale of property and/or evidence that has been court ordered to be disposed pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated A.C.A. §13-4-408 and A.C.A. §13-4-409. Disposition of Property and Evidence.  The Sheriff’s Office does not know the history of each piece of property auctioned.  However, any prospective bidders can view the property prior to the auction for the purpose of inspecting. All items purchased must be removed from the premises no later than the day of the sale unless other arrangements regarding pickup has been arranged and granted by the Auctioneer or Sheriff's Office.  Neither the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office nor the Auctioneer will be responsible for any “sold” items after close of auction. Should you have a legal question, we recommend you consult an attorney.

Property sold at auction by the Sheriff’s Office is generally advertised in both the Pine Bluff Commercial as well as the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  Notices are published for two (2) consecutive weekly insertions in one (1) of two (2) of the aforementioned newspapers.

In addition to the newspaper advertising, all notices of sales are posted for public viewing at the Jefferson County Courthouse and on this website.

Sales of property are “open-type” auction sales (no sealed bids).  A minimum bid is subject to be called by the auctioneer.  All bidders are required to have 100% payment upon completion of the bidding and/or auction. 

The highest bidder at the sale shall be the Purchaser.  If any dispute arises as to who may be the highest bidder, the property will be resold in the event the highest bidder cannot be determined.

If you are the successful bidder, a receipt and/or bill-of-sale for the property will be issued to you upon full payment of the bid.  If a purchaser does not complete the sale following a winning bid, the purchaser can be held liable for a deposit, and for all losses and expenses. 

If you are the successful bidder, you do not own the property until you have satisfied full payment for the property and/or been issued a receipt.

You may download the LEGAL NOTICE (pictured below) by clicking HERENote: This should enable the viewer to download the NOTICE as a PDF and print it).

TO READ DOCUMENTS If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can obtain the free software at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.



Auction Gun List-DTF

SKS 7.62ZX39 Rifle S/N NM1898

Savage .30 .30m Pump Rifle Model:170  S/N:A400016

Mossberg 12 Gauge pump S/N:UM512538

Hi-Point 9mm Auto Rifle Model:995 S/N:E17394

Bullpup 12 Gauge Pump S/N MV74516

Rem. 12 Gauge Model:870 S/N:862264V

Rem. 870 12 Gauge pump S/N D054108

Thompson .50 Cal. Muzzle Loader S/N K95724

Springfield 20 Gauge Pump, Model:67F S/N:A128936

Kel-Tec 9MM Auto, Model:P11 S/N:A0938

NEF 12 Gauge S.S. S/N NM206170

RG .22 Rev. Model:RG14 S/N:L723767

Marlin .44 L.A. Rifle, Model:366 S/N:Z2694

H&K .40 Auto Pistol, Model: HK USP S/N:26-025276

Ruger .44 mag. Carbine S/N 61088

Lorcin .380 Pistol Model:L380 S/N:264592

Stevens .22 Auto Rifle Model:87A S/N:2271576

RG .38 Cal. Revolver, Model:RG40      S/N: R143784

KBI 9mm Pistol S/N B84598

North Am. .22 Mag. Derringer S/N:E108238

Intratec 9mm Pistol S/N A035524

Stevens 20 Gauge S.S. Model:40A S/N:N/A

Mossberg 12 Gauge Pump Model:835 S/N:UM117774

Ruger .45 Auto S/N 661-93014

Rem. .30-06 Auto Rifle Model:7400 S/N:8061322

Jiminez 9mm Auto, Model: J.A. Nine S/N:136042

Sears .22 Rifle Model:3T S/N:110084

Ruger .22 Hornet B.A. Rifle Model:77/22   S/N:720-30479

Rem. 20 Gauge Pump Model:870  S/N:0253420U

Marlin .30-30 L/A Rifle Model:336 S/N:25044089

Win. .22 Rifle Model:290 S/N:388634

Ruger .22 Auto Rifle, Model:107/22 S/N:115-93119

Ruger 9mm Pistol, Model:P85 S/N:301-84406

Revelation 12 Gauge Pump Model:310C S/N:N/A

RG .22 DA Rev. Model:62 S/N:617330

Win. 12Gauge Pump Model:1200 S/N:L516502

Browning 7mm Mag. B.A. Rifle S/N 44344NX7C7

Rem. .22 B.A. Rifle Model:512P S/N:N/A

Sears .22 Auto rifle Model:25 S/N:5832501

S&W .38 DA Rev., Model:38 S/N:J750432

Browning 20 Gauge O/U Mod: Lightening S/N:56154V9

Rem. .22 Rifle S/N 470956

SKS S/N 1507581

Marlin .22 Auto Rifle, Model:60 S/N:24258423

NEF 12 Gauge S.S. Model: SBI S/N:NH429810

Taurus .40 Auto Pistol, Model:PT140 S/N:SVF08325

Browning .32 Pistol, S/N 25159

RG .22 DA Rev. S/N 1001495

Kahr 9mm Pistol, S/N AY0641

Excel .20 Gauge S.S. S/N:63657

Charter Arms .38 DA Rev. Model: Undercover S/N:461828

Lorcin .380 pistol Model:L380 S/N:225751

Taurus .22 cal. Revolver, S/N:KL13633

Makarov .380 Pistol Model:PA63 S/N:HC6336

Davis .380 Pistol Model:P-380 S/N:AP120425

Raven .22 Auto, Model:P-25 S/N:247720

Jimenez 9mm Pistol, Model: J.A. Nine S/N:098979

Rohm .22 DA Rev. Model:66   S/N:1C-326456

Marlin .22 Rifle Model:60 S/N:94454005

Savage .270 BA Rifle, Model:110 S/N:F648433

Hi-Point .40 Rifle Model:4095 S/N:H15424

H&K .40 Auto Pistol S/N 22-5001

Colt .45 Pistol, Model:1911 S/N:5993NM

Bryco .380 Pistol Model:Bryco38 S/N:1321338

Republic .45 Auto Pistol, Model: Patriot S/N:M003470

Cobra .380 Pistol, Model:FS380 S/N:FS007175

Lorcin .22 Pistol Model:L22 S/N:024865

Taurus .40 Pistol, Model:PT140 S/N:SZH92470

Jennings .22 Pistol  Model:J-22  S/N:1060815

RG .22 DA Rev. Model:RG14 S/N:273194

Heritage .22 SA Rev. Model: Rough Rider S/N:B63850

FIE .38 Derr. S/N F88204

Jimenez .380 Pistol Model:JA380 S/N:069708

Rosco .22 DA Rev. Model:22Short S/N:108124

Rem. 20 Gauge Pump Model:870 EXP. S/N:A3218140

Rossi .38 DA Rev. S/N F012248

Glock 17 9mm Pistol, S/N ATF888US

Glock 21 .45 Pistol S/N FUP189

S&W .40 Pistol Model:SW40VE S/N:RBE4205 ***REMOVED FROM AUCTION***

SigPro 40 cal. Auto, Model:SP2340 S/N:SP0049000

Hi-Point .40 Pistol Model: JCP S/N:X774309

Hi-Point 9mm Pistol, Model:C9 S/N:P1334922

Phoenix .22 Pistol S/N 4269781

Titan .38 DA Rev. S/N 803222

Arminus .22 DA Rev., Model:HW7 S/N:1341379

EIG .22 SA Rev. S/N 221866

Benelli 12 Gauge Auto S/N U045079

Franchi 12 Gauge Auto S/N B33968

Haskell .45 Pistol  Model:JS-45 S/N:020627

Jennings 9mm Auto, Model: J.A. Nine S/N:1396842

Bryco .380 Pistol, S/N 1285143

Lorcin .380 Pistol Model:L380 S/N:236949

S&W 9mm Pistol, Model:432 S/N:TBU2482

Llama 9mm Pistol S/N A86713

Win. 12Gauge Pump, Model:25 S/N:41367

Taurus .38 DA Rev., Model:85 S/N:PC50432

Taurus .32 Pistol, Model:PT-132 S/N:FUJ97909

F.I.E. Tex .22 S.A. Rev., S/N:X58906

Browning 12 Gauge Auto Model: Pointee S/N:Y41735

Llama .357 DA Revolver S/N S867801

Intratec 9mm Pistol Model:TEC-9 S/N:E001660

Jimenez 9mm Pistol, Model: J.A. Nine  S/N:036056

Taurus .45 Pistol, Model:PT-145 S/N:NYE91706

Charter Arms .38 DA Rev. Model: Undercover S/N:567923

Arminus .38 DA Rev. Model: Tiger S/N:0521961

RG .22 DA Rev., Model:RG14S S/N:Z136730

Makarov 9MM Pistol Model:PA63 S/N:AP2711

Arminus .38 DA Rev. S/N 407242

Arminus .38 DA Rev. S/N:0521950

Benelli 12 Gauge Auto S/N U027627

Ruger .357 DA Rev. Model: Security S/N:151-51808

Rossi .38 DA Rev. Model:XK46410 S/N:4169352

SKS 7.62x39 S/N 122021766

Win. 12 Gauge Pump Model:1300 S/N:L3142824

Stoeser .22 Auto, Pistol S/N:545045

Colt .32 Auto Pistol, S/N:5754

S&W .38 Revolver S/N C926506

Benelli 12 Gauge Auto, Model: Super Black Eagle S/N:U044036

Titan .38 Rev. Model: Tiger S/N:0847928

Rohm .22 DA Rev. Model:RG10 S/N:1139862

Rem. .22 Auto Rifle S/N 1962444

Rem. 20 Gauge Auto Model:11-48 S/N:5830790

Win. 12 Gauge Auto Model:1400 S/N:N1143873

Taurus .357 DA Rev. S/N QH550732

Savage 16 Gauge Auto, Model:775 S/N:206067

High Point .40 Auto, Model: JC S/N:107061

Hi-Point 9mm Pistol Model:C9 S/N:P121462

Walther P38 9mm, Model:AC44 S/N:4584h

Davis .22 Derr., S/N 545700

Lorcin .380 Pistol Model:L380 S/N:504706

S&W 9mm Auto Pistol, Model:SW9VE S/N:PDH4226

Intratec .25 Pistol Model:Protec25 S/N:013967

Rem. .30-06 Auto Rifle S/N B7199818    ***REMOVED FROM AUCTION***

Win. 16 Gauge Pump S/N 339405

Lorcin .380 Pistol Model:L380 S/N:403922

Norinco SKS S/N 1532070

CZ 7.62x25 Auto Pistol Model:X54 S/N:D05548

Lorcin .380 pistol Model:L380 S/N:056707

20 Gauge Sawed off Stevens S/N N/A

Bryco .380 Pistol, S/N 1286537

EIG .22 DA Rev. S/N 301658

SKS 7.62X39 w/ Bayonet S/N 760983N

H&R .32 DA Rev., Model:732 S/N:AY033669

Interarms .44 mag. SA Rev., S/N S25413

Hi-Point .40 Auto Rifle Model:4095 S/N:H15444

Glenfield 12 Gauge Pump Model:778 S/N:A57591

Revelation 12 Gauge Pump Model:R310AB S/N:G683448

RP .38 Rev. S/N S07832

Win. .30-30 L/A Rifle, Model:94 S/N:4177745

AK47 5.56 S/N S3-09568-2002

Boito 12 Gauge DBL BBL S/N:32282A

Win. 12 Gauge Auto, Model:59 S/N:55135

Jennings 9mm Pistol, Model:59 S/N:774299

Ruger .45 DA Pistol,      Model:P-90 S/N:663-79267

Jennings 9mm Pistol Model: J.A. Nine S/N:1447029

Rem. 12 Gauge Auto Model:11 S/N:241867

Stevens .22 Rifle Model:62 S/N:L365361

H&R 10 Gauge S.S. Model:176 S/N:AU630579

Rem. .243 Auto Model:742 S/N:A7457311

Hi-Point .40 Auto Pistol, Model: JCD S/N:X768937

Stevens 12 Gauge S.S. Model:940B S/N:N/A

Thompson .50 Cal. Muzzle-loader S/N R10503

FIE .410 Gauge S.S. Model: SB S/N:C973551    ***REMOVED FROM AUCTION***

Sears 20 Gauge Pump Model:200 S/N:2732280

Win. .38 WCF L. A. Rifle S/N 833417

S&W .40 Auto Pistol, Model:SW40VE S/N:RBZ7550

Rem. 12 Gauge Auto S/N 78994

Taurus .22 Auto Pistol, Model:P-22 S/N:ABR59354

Taurus .45 Auto Pistol, Model:PT145 S/N:NC011519

Ruger .22 Auto Pistol,  S/N:225-86269

Savage .270 B.A. Model:10 S/N:F769653

Browning 12 Gauge Auto S/N 336923

S&W .38 DA Rev. S/N K257058

North Am. .22 Mag. Derr. S/N E028338

Colt/Wilson .45 ACP Model:1911 S/N:A21870

Excam .22 SA Rev. S/N B76192

Ruger 9mm Pistol,  Model:P-85 S/N:301-83032

S&W .40 Pistol, S/N MPH9085

1911 Gov't .45 ACP, S/N N/A

Excam .38 Derr., S/N A76827

Luger .22 Auto S/N 27652

Savage .300 WSM B.A. Model:11 S/N:G047029

H&R 20 Gauge S.S. S/N AH291557

Marlin .22 Auto rifle, Model:60 S/N:11305795

Knight .50cal. Muzzleloader S/N 89608

Colt 1911 .45 Pistol S/N:70G73018

Stevens 12 Gauge Pump Model:820        S/N:N/A

NEF 20 Gauge S.S. Model: SBI S/N:NF381600

Rossi .38 DA Rev., Model:M885 S/N:W121685

Hi-Point .45 Pistol, Model: JH S/N:323576

Rem. 12 Gauge Pump Model:870 S/N:B397323M

H&R 20 Gauge S.S. Model:490 S/N:AM319611

T/C Contender .22 Cal. Model: Hornet S/N:116890

Hi-Point 9mm Auto, Model C9 S/N:P1235573

Taurus 9mm Auto, Model:PT92 S/N:TVH47804    ***REMOVED FROM AUCTION***

Hi-Point .40 Auto Model: JCP S/N:X748775

Beretta 9mm Pistol, Model:92FS S/N:L46892Z

Hi-Point 9mm Pistol, Model:C9 S/N:P187543

Hi-Point 9mm Pistol, Model: C S/N:818641

S&W .38 DA Rev. S/N 143532

Glock 23C .40 Pistol, S/N CGZ948US

S&W .38 DA Rev.,      Model:67-1 S/N:22K3264

Lorcin .380 Pistol, Model:L380  S/N:419042

Davis .380 Auto Model:P380 S/N:AP 198360

Ruger .22 SA Rev., Mod: Single Six  S/N:68-93559

Jennings 9mm Pistol, Model: J.A. Nine S/N:1504558

Carter Arms .38 Revolver S/N 1087684

SKS w/bayo. S/N 017526

Jennings .22 Pistol,      Model:J-22 S/N:498997

S&W .357 Revolver Model:27-2 S/N:N810035

Lorcin .380 Pistol, Model:L380 S/N:248018

Taurus .38 DA Rev., Model:338 S/N:1125642

Clerke .22 Revolver S/N 196911

Rohm .22 S.A. Rev., S/N 1C268117

RG .38 DA Rev., Model:RG38 S/N:312841

Walther 9mm Pistol,     Model:P-1 S/N:256361

Taurus .38 DA Rev., S/N AM16695

Taurus .22 Mag. Rev., S/N TF43601

Ruger .357 DA Rev. Model: police service six  S/N:158-25496

Arminus .22 Rev., Model:HW7 S/N:821195

Utica 12 Gauge DBL BBL S/N 3467

Nat'l. Match SKS Model:MAK-91 S/N:NM9304332

Springfield .22 Hornet/.410 Model: MC Scout S/N:MC082736

Calico 9mm Auto Rifle Model:500 S/N:E002692

SKS 5.56 S/N S3-09567-2002

Marlin .22 Rifle Model:60 S/N:96480921

Glenfield .22 Rifle S/N 25409807

Mossberg .410 S.S. B.A. S/N N/A

Traditions .45 cal. Muzzle Loader S/N 368977

Mossberg 12 Gauge Pump Model:500AT S/N:G623546

SKS 7.62x39 S/N ACK-3814-88           ***REMOVED FROM AUCTION***

Mossberg 12 Gauge Pump S/N:J091983

Hi-Point .40 Auto Pistol, Model: JC S/N:X746598

Rossi .38 DA Rev., Model:88  S/N:W219527

Mossberg 12 Gauge Pump S/N P987807

Win. 12Gauge Auto Model:1400 S/N:N614949

Lorcin .380 Auto, S/N 211040

Marlin .35 Rem. L.A. Rifle Model:336 S/N:19146139

Laseraim .45 Pistol, S/N:C02764


Sears 12Gauge S.S. S/N N/A

T/C .50cal. Muzzleloader S/N 194149

CVA .50cal. Muzzleloader S/N 962246

Knight .50cal. Muzzleloader S/N 374687

Win. .22 Auto Rifle, Model:190 S/N:B198405

Taurus .45 Auto Model:PT-145 S/N:NUF60851

T/C .50cal. Muzzleloader S/N 18374

NEF .22 DA Rev. Model:R92 S/N:NF023110

Mossberg .270 BA Rifle S/N BA069319

Hi-Standard .22 Pistol, Model: B S/N:5918

NEF 20Gauge S.S. S/N NE316508

Jennings .22 Pistol, Model:J-22 S/N:136303

Jimenez .380 Pistol Model:JA380 S/N:154584

Hi-Point .380 Pistol,  S/N:P788116

Mossberg 12 Gauge Pump S/N H387844

Kel-Tec 9mm Pistol, Model:P11 S/N:123586

Raven .25 Auto, Model:P-25 S/N:113382

Marlin .22 Papoose Model:709 S/N:10409828

Beretta .22 Auto S/N C80406

.38 Derringer, S/N:087263

North Amer. .22 Derringer w/ Holster S/N V39061

S&W .38 DA Rev., Mod: Airweight S/N J693839

Taurus .41 Mag. DA Rev., S/N SG749018

S&W 39 9mm Pistol S/N 2962

S&W .38 DA Rev., S/N 570940

Norinco SKS S/N 26132

S&W .32 DA Rev.,     Model:32 S/N:H25356

Hi-Point 9mm Pistol, Model:C9 S/N:P181761

Marlin .22WMR B.A. Model:88255 S/N:04456288

Tippman Paint Ball Gun Model:68 Carbine S/N:50790

Ithaca 12 Gauge Auto S/N:S2146187

SKS w/scope, S/N:22008028

Win. 12 Gauge Pump Model:1300 S/N:L2808542

Rem. 870 12 Gauge S/N:201825V

Taurus .38 DA Rev. S/N:HA98656

Winchester 30-30 L.A. Rifle Model:94 S/N:3448273

Beretta .25 cal. Auto Pistol, Model:950 S/N:BU52578V

Rem. .22 Auto Rifle S/N n/a

Rem. .243 B.A. Rifle, Model:788 S/N:609688

Higgins 12 Gauge Pump Model:20 S/N N/A

SKS 7.62X39 Rifle S/N:61815662

Winchester 12 Gauge Pump, Model:1300 S/N:L2331382

Ruger 9MM Auto Pistol, Model:P89 S/N:31417799

NEF 12 Gauge S.S. Model:SB1 S/N:NH261408

.50 Cal. Muzzleloader O.U. S/N:BP1689

Cont'd Auction Gun List-JCSO

20 Gauge Pump S/N A490155

HI-Point .40 Pistol S/N X781135

H & R .22 DA Revolver S/N AS36019

Hi-Point 9mm Auto Rifle S/N A84087

F.I.E. .22 SA Revolver S/N TX62143

Rossi .38 DA Revolver S/N W071241

Win. .22 Auto Rifle, S/N B2142792

Llama .45 Pistol, S/N B21287

Standard .22mag. Rev. S/N ST23720

Marlin .22 Auto Rifle S/N 72163015

HI-Point 9mm Pistol S/N P1252373

Lorcin .380 Auto, S/N 195611

Stevens 12 Gauge Pump, S/N E382376

H&R .22 Rev., S/N N68118

H&R .22 Rev. S/N AZ034336

CBC 12 Gauge S.S. S/N C950822

H&R .32 DA Rev. S/N AT077141

Iver Johnson .22 Rev., S/N H90735

Taurus 9mm Pistol, S/N TVG24357

High Point .22 Auto Rifle, S/N A29785

NEF Rough Rider .22 DA Rev. S/N NG002730

Arminus .38 Rev. S/N 578501

Rem. 20 Gauge Auto, S/N JS1028

RG .38 Rev., S/N 132432

Schmidt .22 SA Rev. S/N 492910

CBC .410 S.S. S/N 907351

Stallard Arms 9mm Pistol S/N 073569

H&R .22 Rev., S/N AY059960

F.I.E. 12Gauge S.S., S/N C1213424

F.I.E. .22 SA Revolver S/N 15936

Hi-Point 9mm Pistol, S/N P1252372

H&R .410 S.A. S/N AY428995

Hi-Point 9mm Pistol S/N 004972

Iver Johnson .32 Rev., S/N B1888

RG Mod. 31 .38 DA Rev. S/N Q208905

Jimenez JA-9, 9mm Pistol S/N 036277

Stevens Mod. 15-B,  .22 B.A. Rifle, S/N N/A

Looking Glass .32 Pistol S/N 16654

Cobra CA-32, .32 Auto S/N CP01103

Thompson Hawken .54cal. Muzzleloader, S/N 39574

Bersa Thunder .380 Auto, S/N 452484

H&R Mod. 732, .32 Rev. S/N AP57372

Marlin Mod. 6082, .22 Auto Rifle, S/N 18404050

Lorcin L380, .380 Auto, S/N 044509

Bersa Thunder 9mm Auto S/N 816051

Browning 20 Gauge, S/N C14910

Rossi Mod. 210H, .38 D.A. Rev., S/N 240235

Lorcin Mod. L25,  .25 Pistol S/N 271995

Ward-Western B.A. 20 Gauge S/N N/A

Regent .22 DA Revolver S/N 15208

RG Mod. 66, .22mag. Rev. S/N IC302391

AR-7 Explorer, .22 Rifle, S/N D011059

Lorcin Mod. L380, .380 Pistol S/N 238243

Rohm .22 Rev. S/N 1262279

Stevens 12 Gauge S.S., S/N N/A

Jennings .380 Auto, S/N 1024537

H&R Mod. 733, .32 Rev., S/N AR26018

Marlin .22 Rifle, S/N 08600469

F.I.E. .22 Mag. S.A. Rev., S/N TB79932

EIG .22 Derringer, S/N 1988

Marlin Mod. 60W, .22 Auto Rifle S/N 05189280

Astra .44mag Revolver S/N R411754

Jennings J-22, .22 Pistol, S/N 640577

Kassnar .22 Auto Rifle S/N A328853

Hi-Point C9, 9mm Pistol, S/N 034456

Auto Ordnance 1911, .45 Auto, S/N A0C12347

Marlin .22 Mag. Rifle, S/N 96709812

Charter Arms Undercover, .38 Rev., S/N 790958

S&W .38 DA Rev. S/N 196778

Intratec TEC-DC9, 9mm Pistol, S/N D064617

Taurus .38 Rev., S/N LF629182

Universal Double E, Dbl. Bbl. 10 Gauge S/N H1A1FAH

Marlin Mod. 60 .22 Auto Rifle S/N 14322072

Colt .38 Rev., S/N 431255F

Browning .22 Pistol, S/N 9365a

Rossi .38 Revolver, S/N AA088063

SKS S/N 2422128P

Brazilian .410 S.S., S/N 431270

Ruger .22 Pistol S/N 215-68682

Charter Arms Undercover .38 Rev. S/N 41556

Jimenez JA-9, 9mm Pistol S/N 012990

S&W .357 Rev., S/N AJP1894

Stevens 20Gauge B.A., S/N N/A

Excel 12Gauge S.S. S/N 54636XF

Jennings JA-9, 9mm Pistol, S/N 1509618

EverBest 20 Gauge S.S. S/N A26723

Lorcin 9mm Pistol S/N 013784

Jennings J-22, .22 Pistol, S/N 1058543

Ruger .22 Auto Rifle S/N 244-78411

Ruger Mk. II Target, .22 Pistol, S/N 225-58897

Lorcin L25,  .25 Pistol S/N 057304

Stevens Mod. 86C, .22 B.A., S/N N/A

Hy-Score Mod. 109, .22 Rev. S/N 236234

Rem. 22 Pump Rifle, S/N 333398RW

Rem. 1100 20 Gauge S/N L488224X

Rohm .22 Rev. S/N 51741

Sears Mod. 21, 20 Gauge Pump, S/N 5832079

Bryco .380 Pistol S/N 345268

North Am. .22 Mag. Rev., S/N W33919

H&R Mod. 158, 12 Gauge S.S. S/N AL310992

Raven MP25, .25 Auto, S/N 1050661

Jennings J-22, .22 Auto, S/N 594735

Jennings J-22, .22 Pistol, S/N 1089654

Excam Mod. G727,  .25 Pistol S/N 45262

20 Gauge Make: Unknown, S/N 243090

RG Mod. 31, .32 Rev., S/N Q215067

American Arms 9mm Pistol S/N 10706

Marlin Mod. 60, .22 Auto Rifle S/N 27276082

RG Mod. 14, .22 DA Rev. S/N L752148

RG Mod. 31, .38 Cal. Revolver, S/N 014514

Sears Mod. 2T,  .22 BA Rifle S/N 27530

H&R Mod. 732, .32 Rev. S/N AX050002

KBI Mod. SMC .380 Pistol S/N 9302957

Glenfield Mod. 60, .22 Auto Rifle, S/N 22467789

Lorcin L32, .32 Pistol S/N 001893

H&R .32 Rev., S/N BA030067

Davis P-380, .380 Pistol, S/N AP244075

Marlin Mod. 60W, .22 Auto Rifle, S/N 05142355

Ruger Mark II Target .22 Pistol S/N 210-74129

Clerke .22 Rev. S/N 200958

Stevens 12Gauge No S/N

Iver Johnson .38 Rev., S/N 46316

RG .22 DA Rev. 238800

Sako .300WM S/N 653477

RG .38 Rev. S/N Q091089

Lorcin Mod. L25 .25 Cal. Pistol S/N 179758

Sport Arms 12 Gauge S.S., S/N 6603

Hi-Standard Double Nine .22 Rev. S/N 2046858

Taurus PT-92, 9mm Pistol S/N THB14126

H&R .22 Rev., S/N AC56870

Marlin .22 Mag. B.A. Rifle, S/N 01297899

S&W .38 Revolver, S/N 5577

Beretta Mod. 96, .40 Pistol, S/N BER075120M

Stevens 12ga S/N E817486

Iver Johnson Target 8, .22 Rev. S/N M88897

Raven .25 Pistol S/N 1598718

Imperial Mod. H .22 Rev., S/N 85380

Marlin .22 Mag. B.A. Rifle, S/N 03382169

Lorcin .380 Pistol, Mod. L380, S/N 542953

EA Witness .45 Pistol S/N AE68023

Glenfield Mod. 60,  .22 Rifle, S/N 21434357

Phoenix Arms Raven .25 Auto S/N 3074421

.410Gauge S.S. S/N 371582

Lorcin L380, .380 Pistol S/N 070157

Rem. .25-06 Heav. Bbl., S/N A6283643

Phoenix Raven .25 Pistol, S/N 3055643

Jennings 9mm Pistol, S/N 1437489

Mossberg 835 Ultra-Mag. 12 Gauge S/N UM124834

Ruger .22 Pistol, S/N 222-92764

Rosco Arms .22 Pistol S/N 107668

Win. 12 Gauge Pump Mod. 140, S/N N1082431

FIE .25 Pistol S/N D813339

Intratec TEC9, 9mm Pistol S/N 22675

Clerke .32 Rev. S/N 808022

Marlin .30-30 Lever Action Rifle, S/N 0T002086

Davis .380 Pistol, S/N AP090088

S&W Mod. 39-2, 9mm Pistol S/N A216568

SKS w/bayon. S/N 331317

Rossi .38 Rev. S/N W071328

S&W .38 D.A. Rev., S/N C604889

SKS w/bayon. S/N 11577881

CDM .22 Rev. S/N 310763

Heritage .22 SA Rev. S/N B48973

H&R Mod. 88, 12 Gauge S.S., S/N AZ558594

Colt .38 DA Rev. S/N 827585

Stallard JS-9, 9mm Pistol S/N 082492

RG Mod. 14, .22 Rev. S/N Z116569

Rem. Mod. 121, .22 Pump Rifle, S/N 86187

H&R .38 Rev., S/N N/A

Rossi .38 Rev., S/N 174166

Western Field Mod. 66, 12 Gauge Auto S/N N/A

Colt .38 DA Rev. S/N 02921R

Knight Mod. LK-93, .50cal. Muzzleloader S/N 238569

SWD Mod. 11, 9mm Pistol, S/N 88-0000677

Raven MP-25,  .25 Pistol, S/N 1375485

Win. Mod. 120, 12 Gauge Pump S/N L1328112

Taurus PT-92, 9mm Pistol S/N TXH12565

Webley .38 Rev. S/N ZE5099

Beretta .25 Pistol S/N 247510

Taurus PT-938C, .380 Pistol S/N KQJ37390

Stevens Mod. 820, 12 Gauge Pump S/N N/A

Colt Mod. 2000,  9mm Pistol , S/N PF06198

Stallard Mod. J-9,  9mm Pistol S/N 081212

Ruger 10-22 Auto Rifle S/N 258-67831

Intratec 9mm Pistol, S/N 030745

Firestorm 1911, .45 Pistol, S/N 71-04-10375-02

Schmidt Mod. 121, .357 SA Revolver S/N 7094

Stevens Mod. 39A, .410 B.A. S/N N/A

Colt 1911 .45 Pistol S/N 285327-C

Arminus .357 SA Rev. S/N P9835

Bersa Mod. 95, .380 Pistol, S/N 336437

Win. Mod. 67, S.S. BA .22 S/N N/A

Ruger .22 Pistol S/N 14-17115

SKS S/N 8128625

Colt .38 Rev., S/N 210047

Clerke .22 Rev., S/N 176035

Knight 50cal. In-line S/N 285056

Taurus PT1911 .45 Pistol S/N NAU80014

Colt Peacemaker .22 S.A. Revolver S/N G42389

SKS w/bay. S/N 2432713

Glock 23 .40 Pistol S/N EFC726US

Taurus PT140, .40 Auto S/N SVE92410

Browning BAR-22, .22 Auto Rifle S/N 20229RR166

Rossi .38 DA Revolver S/N RJ85789

Hi-Point JCP .40 Pistol S/N X713888

Revelation 12 Gauge Pump, S/N R310AB

Raven MP-25 .25 Pistol S/N 1364305

RG Mod. 23, .22 Rev. S/N T513167

Marlin Mod. 6081, .22 Auto Rifle S/N 0Z008426

S&W .32-20 Rev., S/N 142782

Colt Junior, .22 Auto, S/N 52645

High-Standard .22 Pistol S/N 2453861

Davis D-22, .22 Derr., S/N 379991

Rem. 870 12 Gauge S/N C348713A

Jennings Nine, 9mm Pistol, S/N 1353527

Imperial .22 Rev., S/N 87985

CDM .22 Rev., S/N 328922

Win. Mod. 94, .30-30 L.A. S/N 3347130

Kel-Tec .40 Pistol S/N 86100

S&W Mod. 15-2,  .38 DA Rev. S/N K627884

Marlin Mod. 336 .30-30 L.A. S/N 22095111

FIE .380 Pistol S/N BH14188

Llama .357 DA Revolver S/N S838201

Colt Trooper Mk. III, .357 Revolver S/N 59367L

Jukar .45 cal. Muzzleloader, S/N 178092

S&W Airweight, .38 DA Rev. S/N CCD2636

Hi-Point JH,  .45 Pistol S/N 316085

Marlin Mod. 60 .22 Auto Rifle S/N 11342732

Taurus PT-111, 9mm Pistol S/N TZ651753

S&W Mod. 345,  .38 DA Revolver S/N 275584  

Traditions 50cal. Muzzleloader, S/N 14-13-010378-95

S&W Mod. 29, .44 Mag. DA Rev., S/N AJH7552

Jennings JA-9, 9mm Pistol S/N 1338141

Win. Mod. 100, .308 Auto Rifle S/N A227149

FIE .38 DA Rev. S/N ST16583X

Sterling .22 Pistol, S/N A14084

Liberty .22 DA Rev. S/N 197615

CDM .22 Rev. S/N 0050829

J.C. Higgins Mod. M550AB, 12 Gauge Auto S/N G438613

Jennings J-22, .22 Pistol S/N 426009

Bryco Mod. M48,  .380 Auto S/N 048540

New England 20 Gauge S.S. S/N NS287276

EIG .38 Derringer S/N 31203

AG .25 Auto S/N 389742

Rem. 12 Gauge Auto, S/N P030827V

Clerke .22 DA Rev. S/N 303538

S&W Mod. 28 .357 DA Rev. S/N N528839

S&W .357 Rev., S/N 24K4297

Rem. 870 20 Gauge Pump youth, S/N A109615U

Ruger .22 DA Rev. S/N 62-38031

Taurus .357 Rev. S/N WK41466

Ruger Mod. 22/45, .22 Pistol, S/N 224-94539

Rem. Speedmaster, .22 Auto Rifle, S/N A1579709

Ruger 9mm Pistol, S/N 303-79000

Colt Lawman Mk. III, .357 Rev., S/N L49860

Rem. Mod. 742, .30-06 Auto Rifle S/N 7483536

Spesco Mod. 31,  .38 Rev. S/N 566255

S&W .38 Rev., S/N 336152

Ruger .22 DA Single-Six Rev. S/N 189463

Glock 22 .40 Pistol S/N FFY079

Win. Mod. 100, .30-30, S/N V153621

Ruger Single-Six .22 Rev. S/N 68-98912

Savage Mod. 112, .220 B.A. Rifle,  S/N F789331

Bryco .380 Pistol, S/N 1022996

Hi-Standard Mod. R107,  .22 Rev. S/N 2150360

S&W 9mm Pistol Mod. 669, S/N TBF5091

Rem. Mod. 597, .22 Auto Rifle, S/N 2660925

Bersa Thunder .380 Auto S/N 613095

S&W Mod. 5906, 9mm Pistol S/N TEZ9969

S&W .40 Pistol S/N VAE7631

Davis DM-22, .22 Derringer S/N 296795

H&R Mod. 88, 12 Gauge S.S. S/N AX643287

Hi-Point C9, 9mm Pistol S/N P1308436

Ruger P-89, 9mm Pistol S/N 310-89614

Rem. Mod. 870 .410 Pump S/N A479850H

Lorcin Mod. L380 .380 Pistol S/N 505094

Schmidt .22 DA Rev. S/N 216384

SKS w/scope S/N 23109050K

S&W Mod. 40C, .40 Auto S/N MRK8686

Llama .45 Auto S/N B68550

S&W Mod. 40VE, .40 Auto S/N PBV4482

Rohm Mod. 385, .38 DA Rev. S/N FF337276

Traditions 50cal. Muzzleloader, S/N 14-13-026711-95

Thompson Auto Ordinance .45 Auto S/N AOC26224

S&W Mod. 4046, .40 Auto S/N VZB3781

Jennings J-22,  .22 Auto S/N 1096848

Mossberg 500C, 20 Gauge Pump, S/N K294491

Phoenix .25 Auto S/N 3137694

Bersa Thunder .380 Auto S/N 572783

SKS w/scope S/N 1720683

Hi-Point CF380, .380 Pistol S/N P821044

Tech 9mm Pistol, S/N D010473

Riverside Arms 12 Gauge S.S. S/N N/A

SWD Mod. 11-9,  9mm Pistol w/sup., S/N 89-0070691

Jennings J-22,  .22 Auto S/N 446389

Phoenix HP22A, .22 Pistol S/N 4268639

Jennings 9mm Pistol S/N 1309168

Ruger Carbine .44 Auto Rifle S/N 88024

Jimenez JA-9, 9mm Pistol S/N 003033

Mossberg 500A, 12 Gauge Pump, S/N T439722

Jimenez JA-9, 9mm Pistol S/N 095373

Win. Mod. 1200, 12 Gauge  S/N L1028460

CZ .40 Auto S/N A1750

Phoenix HP22, .22 Auto S/N 4132394

Rem. Mod. 1100 12 Gauge Auto S/N N648182M

Lorcin L380, .380 Pistol S/N 284722

Bryco Mod. 38, .380 Pistol S/N 120093

Rem. 870, 12 Gauge Pump S/N W822236M

Taurus Mod. 66, .357 Rev. S/N NE945803

Titan .25 Pistol, S/N D937461

Rem. 870 12 Gauge S/N T716713X

Norinco Mod. 213, 9mm Pistol S/N 316524

Phoenix Arms Raven .25 Pistol S/N 3215978

Davis Mod. P380, .380 Pistol, S/N AP354372

Rem. Mod. 7400, .270 Auto Rifle S/N 8498602

Colt .380 Pistol S/N PL43125

Taurus Mod. 85, .38 Rev., S/N KH61735

Colt .380 Pistol S/N RR27582

Rem. Mod. 11-48, 12Gauge Auto, S/N 5819709

AMT .380 Kurz Pistol, S/N A84285

Jennings JA-9, 9mm Pistol, S/N 1402768

Rem. Mod. 1100, 20 Gauge Auto, S/N N360949K

Star Mod. 30M, 9mm Auto, S/N2128759

S&W Mod. 7, .38 DA Revolver S/N S871949

Lorcin L380, .380 Pistol, S/N 041540

Taurus .22 Pistol, S/N AMJ13868

S&W Mod. 29-3, .44 DA Rev. S/N N772783

Rossi .410 S.S., S/N SP478770

Jennings Mod. 48, .380 Pistol, S/N 087349

Freedom Arms .22 Rev. S/N V86498

Browning 9mm Pistol S/N 245NM10246

Jennings JA-9, 9mm Pistol S/N 1488038

NEF .410 S.S. S/N NS325743

RG Mod. 14, .22 DA Rev. S/N 307687

FIE Titan, .25 Pistol S/N ED89378

H&R Mod. 923, .22 DA Rev. S/N M64893

Springfield .50 cal. Muzzleloader S/N 095193

Excam Mod. 7A76, .22 SA Rev. S/N 73677

Springfield .22 B.A. Rifle, S/N N/A

S&W Mod. 469 9mm Auto S/N A880724

Jimenez JA-9, 9mm Auto S/N 070807

Jennings J-22, .22 Pistol, S/N 314421

Hi-Point JCP,  .40 Pistol S/N X741886

H&R Mod. 098,  .410 Gauge S.S. S/N HS216337

Glenfield Golden 50, .22 Auto Rifle S/N 68177738

RG Mod. 14, .22 Rev. S/N L711595

Charter Arms Undercover .38 DA Revolver S/N 304643

Rossi Mod. R243MB,  .243 S.S. Rifle w/scope S/N CA017722

Schmidt Mod. 550, .22 Rev., S/N 354224

RG Mod. 14, .22 DA Revolver S/N 414439

Stevens 12 Gauge  S.S. No S/N

RG Mod. 23, .22 DA Auto S/N T668054

Colt Agent, .38 DA Rev. S/N 60442M

Raven MP-25,  .25 Pistol, S/N 3157242

Hopkins & Allen 12 Gauge S.S. S/N N/A

North Am. .22 Derringer S/N L012682

.410 S.S. S/N 96361

H&R Mod. 88, .20 Gauge S.S. S/N AU576771

S&W .38 Revolver, S/N V757650

Glenfield Mod. 60,  .22 Auto Rifle, S/N 22423749

Browning .22 Auto Rifle S/N 69T238

RG Mod. 14, .22 Rev. S/N L520008

H&R Mod. 632, .32 Rev. S/N R10316

NEF Mod. SB1 20 Gauge S.S. S/N NM235868

Rem. Mod. 510, .22 BA Rifle S/N N/A

Rossi .38 DA Rev. S/N J086944

Hi-Point JHP .45 Pistol S/N X434922

Clerke .32 DA Rev. S/N 906880

Jennings 9mm Auto S/N 1300840

Highpoint JHP, .45 Auto S/N X4172920

Ruger P90 .45 Auto S/N 663-64431

Hi-Point Mod. C, 9mm Pistol,  S/N 034450

Beretta 9mm Pistol, Mod. 8000, S/N 017029MC

Bryco .32 Auto S/N 1172426

Hi-Standard Mod. R101,  .22 DA Revolver S/N 709166

Rossi 12 Gauge S.S. S/N S12SP048815

Marlin Mod. 200M, .30-30 L.A. S/N 72049873

Rem. 522 Viper, .22 Rifle, S/N 3166199

Savage 12 Gauge Mod. 940E, S/N P308247

Browning 16 Gauge S/N A14751

Rem. Mod. 1100, 12 Gauge L/H Mag. S/N L909428M

H&R Topper 158, 12 Gauge S.S. S/N AG264070

Rem. Nylon 66 .22 Auto Rifle S/N LJR on BBL

Westernfield 12 Gauge S/N H592225

Springfield 12 Gauge Pump, Mod. 67-E, S/N C162674

H&R 12 Gauge S.S. Mod. 58, S/N AN218561

Springfield .22 B.A. Rifle Youth, S/N N/A

Rem. 870 12 Gauge Pump, S/N W549023M

Win. Mod. 1200, 12 Gauge Pump S/N L690523

Mossberg 12 Gauge O/U S/N 034992

Marlin .22 Auto Rifle, S/N 13413405

H&R 20Gauge S.S. S/N BA508455

Rem. Mod. 1100LW 20 Gauge Auto, S/N M5002980

16Gauge Single-Shot, Make: Unknown, S/N 19289

Mossberg Mod. 60D 12 Gauge S/N H218952

Mauser B.A. rifle, S/N N/A

Mossberg Mod. 88 12 Gauge S/N MV33985E

Win. Mod. 190, .22 Auto Rifle S/N B1669185

Win. Mod. 290, .22 Rifle, S/N B1391831

Ruger 10/22, .22 Rifle, S/N 127-18774

Knight .50cal. Muzzleloader S/N 429122

Mossberg Mod. 50D, 12 Gauge S/N K096950

Norinco SKS S/N 19007049

H&R 12 Gauge S.S. BA515104

ErArmantro Gaucha 16-A, .410 Gauge DBL BBL S/N 420183

New England 12 Gauge S/N NK381183

Sears 12Gauge DBL BBL, Mod. 101-71, S/N A857645

Heritage Rough Rider, .22 SA Revolver S/N B94726

Jimenez JA-380, .380 Pistol 017612

F.I.E. .22 SA Revolver S/N TX46608

S&W Mod. 4006, .40 Pistol TFD1291

Heritage .22 SA Rev. S/N B50179

Marksman BB Pistol, 177 cal.

Marksman .177 BB Pistol, S/N 92480218

Daisy BB Pistol, S/N 2G08785

Powerline Air Pistol .24 Cal. S/N A279072

Black BB Pistol

Crosman .177 BB Gun S/N D83234857

Daisy, 177 Pellet Rifle w/ Scope No S/N

.177 Cal. Pellet Rif.

Western Auto Revelation S/N 98108910

Chinese Air Rifle S/N K305291

Marksman Repeater .177 cal. S/N 9113866

Pioneer BB Pistol S/N 0233897

Daisy Pump Pellet Rifle .177 cal.

Daisy Lever Action BB Rifle 499A

Repeater Air Pistol Mod. 1008 .177 cal.

Optima .50 cal. Muzzleloader S/N 611301712104

Mossberg Mod. 702 .22 Auto Rifle S/N EEC185715

Sam Holt 12 Gauge DBL BBL NO S/N

Coast to Coast 12 Gauge Pump, S/N N/A

Glenfield Mod. 65 .22 Auto Rifle S/N 27151340

H&R Mod. 158, 12 Gauge S.S. S/N AH307515

N.R. Davis 12 Gauge S.S. NO S/N

Jiminez JA380 .380 cal. Pistol S/N 066875





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